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McKellen Marrying Stewart

That may have been a bait and switch headline but it’s still technically accurate. Sir Ian McKellen will be officiating the wedding of Sir Patrick Stewart to his partner, Sunny Ozell. He revealed his part in the ceremony during an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Stewart and McKellen are long-time friends.

Here is an excerpt from the show:

Sir Ian McKellen: Yes, I'm going to marry Patrick. Well, no. How else do you put that? I am going to officiate at his wedding.

Jonathan Ross: So how come you're legally allowed to do that?

Sir Ian McKellen: Well I don't know, but in Massachusetts, in the middle of America somewhere, you get a friend along, and I read out the words, and Sunny and Patrick will then be married. "I declare you man and wife."

Jonathan Ross: Have you had this experience with this kind of thing? Sir Ian McKellen:I've done it once before with two guys having a civil partnership. I was crying my eyes out.

Jonathan Ross: Here in the U.K.?

Sir Ian McKellen: Oh, I was crying my eyes out. But what do you wear when you officiate at a wedding?

Jonathan Ross: Well what did you go with [last time]?

Sir Ian McKellen: Well last time I went with a white gown, something I bought in India. It was rather fetching. You mustn't upstage the bride.
Charming! The whole interview is worth a watch, though — Matt "The Doctor" Smith and Ian McKellen's budding friendship was on display, and Ross aired McKellen's very first television appearance on the BBC:

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