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Big Man In Small Pub

Landlord stops Adam Thurkettle having a drink at The Nutshell at peak times He takes up the space of four 'normal-sized' customers

At 6ft 7ins, Adam Thurkettle never has a problem getting the barman's attention when he wants to buy a pint. But he can't get served at Britain’s smallest pub after being banned because he leaves no space for other customers. Jack Burton, landlord of the 15ft by 7ft Nutshell has stopped 21st Adam, 23, from coming in at peak times.

Time: Four 'normal-sized' customers can fit in The Nutshell if Adam isn't propping up the bar

Drink up: Adam has to duck his head to get through the pub door

The one-bar local in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, is listed by Guinness World Records as the smallest in Britain. Mr Burton told the Sun: 'Adam’s a real gentle giant. But on a busy night he takes up such a lot of space that I have to turn away at least four normal-sized drinkers.' Tree surgeon Adam, who has to duck to get through the pub door, said: 'I love the Nutshell and the regulars are a great bunch — but not many can get in after I arrive. 'My size is a great advantage when moving tree trunks but can be a handicap when I prop up the bar.'

Landlord Jack Burton has banned Adam from the pub at peak times

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